Value Options provides their members with behavioral health benefits. This makes it possible for those who have fallen victim to addiction to get the treatment and care needed to get well again. Value Options offers partial to full covered to members in need of drug rehab treatment, costing them little to nothing out of pocket.

A Value Options Covered Drug Rehab is The Right Option

Value Options will provide you with a list of covered drug rehabs. This list will include the success rates, treatment programs, and the philosophies of these facilities. This will help you to connect with the right facility to meet your recovery needs. Getting connected with the right value options covered drug rehab will be life change, preventing any fatal results of addiction and offer yourself and your family hope that you will get well in sobriety.

Get Connected Today

If you are ready to start your treatment and unsure of your policy coverage, contact a value options members benefits representative. They will help you to determine your coverage and connect you with a drug rehab that meets your personal recovery needs and will cost you little to nothing out of pocket.