Drug Treatment and Rehab is often covered by the patients insurance, however this varies with the treatment center you choose as well as the insurance policy you hold. To find out if your policy covers drug treatment or rehab you can contact the members benefits department of the providing insurance company or look under the behavioral health coverage within your policy. The following is a guide to help you determine if your insurance company and policy will cover your drug treatment or rehab.

Common Insurance Providers

How do I know if my policy covers drug treatment or rehab services?

Every policy is different, just as every persons individual treatment needs are different. Before determining if your drug treatment or rehab services are covered you need to know what services are needed. Will you require detoxification? Would outpatient treatment be beneficial, have you attempted this treatment service in the past? How long will you be required to stay during treatment? Speaking to a customer care representative at a drug treatment or rehab center will help to uncover your individual treatment needs and determine if your insurance policy will cover your treatment or cover partial treatment services.

Commonly Covered Services

Below are some common services provided by drug treatment and rehab centers. The specific type of treatment suggested to you will depend on many factors just as your coverage will.

Detoxification Services: For some the long-term use of substances can cause the individuals body to become physically dependent. Stopping the use of drugs or alcohol can cause them to feel overwhelmed, sick and even painful. When suffering from a physical dependency to drugs or alcohol the individual will often require  specialized 24-hour monitoring and possible medication within an inpatient setting to cleanse their body of the chemicals and toxins related to drug and alcohol abuse.

Outpatient Drug Treatment: This treatment model allows you to work through your addiction in the comforts of home while returning to the treatment facility for up to 8 hours each day. You may undergo detoxification services with prescription medication therapy, as well as individual and group counseling services.

Inpatient Drug Treatment: This is a treatment facility that you stay within until your treatment services are complete. You may undergo detoxification, therapy and counseling services during your stay. Most inpatient treatment programs are 30 to 60 days.

Residential Treatment:

A residential treatment program allows you to move into the facility while you are undergoing treatment services, you are residing there. Services often include detoxification, therapy, individual and group counseling. Each facility offers their own treatment approach and services, often tailored to the patients individual needs. These programs can last as little as 30 days and last over one year.