What is Snuff ?

Snuff is the leaf of the tobacco plant in powdered form. It is a very fine cut, similar to that of dirt or sand in terms of grain size. Snuff is a form of smokeless tobacco that comes in a couple different forms.

Snuff or moist snuff are the most common, they are dipping tobacco that is chewed and held in the mouth between the lip and gums to then be spit out once the nicotine has been absorbed.

There is also creamy snuff which is similar to tooth paste. The user leaves the creamy snuff in their mouth until adsorbed, it can even be brushed onto the teeth. When the user is ready they then rinse the remaining snuff form their mouth.

Nasal snuff is inhaled through the nostrils. The nicotine in the tobacco quickly enters into the blood stream, making its way to the brain for the desired effects.


Snuff Use

Snuff is a form of smokeless tobacco that is used for the relaxing effects created by the nicotine found within the tobacco plant. Regular use of snuff can result in the individual developing a tolerance, requiring larger doses to experience the desired effects. Prolonged use of snuff can result in the individual developing a physical and psychological dependency, resulting in withdrawal symptoms when abruptly stopping its use. Most turn back to snuff for comfort and relief from symptoms of withdrawal.

Signs and Symptoms of Snuff Addiction

Snuff addiction is similar to cigarette addiction. Addicts are overwhelmed by the urge to use snuff and when they do not they are overwhelmed by symptoms of withdrawal.

Just a few short hours after the last use of snuff the individual will begin to crave the substance due to the high levels of nicotine. When they do not feed this craving they are left feeling on edge, in a depressed mood, and suffering from insomnia. Many people withdrawing from snuff will feel irritable, frustrated, or angry.They may experience anxiety, have difficulty concentrating, and feeling restless. They may experience a decreased heart rate. It is very common for people withdrawing from snuff to experience an increased appetite or weight gain.

Snuff Addiction Treatment

Treatment for snuff addiction is similar to that of other tobacco products. Using nicotine replacement patches and gums are used to reduce symptoms of withdrawal and allow the individual to gradually ween off nicotine. Some may even use hypnosis and other non evidence based forms of treatment to overcome their addiction.

Nicotine addiction is one of the hardest addiction to over come. It is not uncommon for an individual who has gone years without using snuff to relapse.