Petroleum Ether Definition

Petroleum Ether is an nonpolar solvent, a volatile, highly flammable, liquid hydrocarbon mixtures. It is mostly used by pharmaceutical companies and in the manufacturing process. It is also commonly used for recreational purposes as an inhalant drug. It works by depressing the central nervous system, acting as an dissociative, creating mild detached feelings from ones surroundings.

Petroleum Ether Uses

Petroleum ether is meant for the purposes of working as a nonpolar solvent with primary use in the manufacturing process within pharmaceutical companies as well as as lighter fluid. Drug abusers use Petroleum ether for other purposes. They inhale the fumes produced by petroleum ether for its dissociative effects. The toxic fumes suppress the central nervous system and produce an out of body high.

Petroleum Ether  Signs and Symptoms

A petroleum ether abuser may only inhale the fumes on occasion, however each time they do they begin to build a tolerance. As the frequency of the petroleum ether use increases the individual is at risk of developing a dependency, resulting in withdrawal syndrome when abruptly stopping its use.

Many petroleum ether abusers will carry this highly flammable substance with them at all times. They will either huff the fumes directly from the container or dampen a cloth and hold it against their face. They may smell like petroleum ether on their skin as well as their clothes. They may exhibit signs that they are intoxicated from these toxic fumes.

Petroleum ether abusers begin to hold focus on its use. They loose sight of what is most important as huffing becomes their first priority. They may have difficulties at home, school or work. They may suffer financial difficulties, even face jail time. Petroleum ether is highly toxic, it affects nearly every organ in the body causing life threatening and irreversible effects. Many have to hit rock bottom before they realize they have a problem.

Petroleum Ether Addiction Treatment

When addicted to Petroleum Ether it can be difficult to quit cold turkey. Every where you turn you are exposed to these highly addictive fumes, wanting to huff and get the high you so desire. Petroleum Ether Addiction Treatment will take you away from the temptation and put you into an environment that supports your sobriety. You will undergo detoxification to cleanse your body of the chemicals and toxins related to its use. You will be able to focus on overcoming you psychological dependency by going through counseling and therapy sessions. Each aspect to the treatment process will be tailored to your individual needs, helping you to focus on creating a sober future for yourself.