Erythrina Definition

Erythrina is a small to medium sized tree that produces red flowers, grown in South Africa. Many people think that Erythrina has medicinal and magical properties. Throughout history South African tribes have used Erythrina for a wide array of purposes.

The tribes cheif will wash in water that has soaked the bark to ensure the respect of his people. Women ready to give birth are given Erythrina, along with other herbs, to help with the labor and delivery process. Traditional medicine suggests that Erythrina has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Erythrina Uses

Erythrina is a herbal supplement used throughout South Africa, as well as moderate use throughout the world. The erythrina seeds are used as an aphrodisiac, deliriant, and sedative. The bark of the Erythrina tree are used as an analgesic and sedative.

It can be used for a wide array of purposes as a herbal alternative to modern medicine. Many people will use Erythrina herbal products as a sleep aid, helping them to fall asleep and stay asleep. Others use Erythrina at a different dosage for aphrodisiac effects, to increase sexual drive and treat erectile dysfunction.

 Erythrina Signs and Symptoms

Just as any other sleep aid and aphrodisiac medications, the Erythrina herbal supplements are a risk for abuse. When taken as directed its use can be beneficial to the individual, however many easily abuse Erythrina.

Regular use of this herbal suppliment can cause the individual to develop a tolerance, requiring a larger dose to achieve the desired effects. As the regularity of its use increases, along with dosage, the individual is at risk of developing a dependency. When dependent on Erythrina many people will suffer a worsening in insomnia and inability to experience pleasure without its use. When abruptly stopping its use the individual may experience a wide array of withdrawal symptoms making it difficult to stop Erythrina use.

Erythrina Addiction Treatment

Erythrina addiction treatment often consists of dosage reduction. The patient gradually weens off the herbal supplement until they are able to fully discontinue its use.Others may choose to stop Erythrina’s use cold turkey, facing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that fade away over a few weeks.

The objective of using Erythrina as a sleep aid is to help create healthy sleeping patterns over a short period of time. This is why it is important for patients to only use Erythrina herbal supplements as directed. When weaning off the herbal supplement the healthy sleeping patterns should be in place, helping the patient to continue to sleep a full night.

People taking Erythrina as an aphrodisiac for erectile dysfunction may become dependent on the herbal supplement to become aroused. Those using Erythrina for this purposes should only take it as directed on an as needed basis to prevent development of a dependency.