Scopolamine Definition

Socoplamine is a chemical compound which the main ingredient is burundanga from the “Borrachero Tree” (a datura plant). Scopolamine is best known as “devil’s breath”. It is used as a kind of mind control agent to reduce people’s free will and coerce them into doing things. People who are under the influence of scopolamine can be alert and articulate, unable to resist suggestion.

This drug is not only used o manipulate people, some do take this drug for recreational purposes. Scopolamine can create feelings of euphoria and hallucinations. Users must monitor their intake of Scopolamine to prevent any adverse effects. Each use of Scopolamine puts the user at risk of fatal over dose.

Scopolamine Uses

Scopolamine is known as “Devils Breath”. It is used as a preditorial drug, allowing it victims to remain alter but easily persuaded. It is often used in rapes, abductions and illegal questioning.  While Scpolamine is primarily a preditorial drug, many people do still use it for recreational purposes. With effects similar to rohypnol, Scpolamine is a widely abused party drug.

Scopolamine Signs and Symptoms

Scopolamine users each face serious effects of this psychoactive drug. Regardless to if this drug has been given against the persons will or for recreational purposes there is a risk of serious effects including; depression, confusion, and psychotic episodes. Those looking to enter into a dissociated state by using Scopolamine for recreational purposes can be left with lingering traumatic effects.

A person abusing Sopolamine for recreational purposes may appear extremely relaxed, “out of it”, they may be abnormally truthful while they are tripping. The high produced may become addicting, making it difficult for the user to experience pleasure without its use, getting hooked on its euphoric effects. Prolonged use may result in the user experiencing troubles at home and work, legal troubles, financial difficulties and health issues.

Scopolamine Addiction Treatment

While Scopolamine addiction is rare there are people who develop a dependency on the physical and psychological effects of this hypnotic drug. The euphoric effects and hallucinations can cause the user to become hook, unable to acheive pleasure on their own, looking to escape reality on a regular basis. When abruptly stopping its use they may even experience withdrawal symptoms. Many users have reported feeling depressed, confused, and in extreme circumstances users may experience psychotic episodes.

Treating a Scopolamine addiction involves patients undergoing individualized treatment and regular therapy sessions. Patients need to focus on overcoming all aspects of their addiction. Working through the physical and mental aspects while dealing with any underling causes for their addiction. For most patients a dual diagnosis treatment program will be the best coarse of action.