Cathinone Definition

Cathinone is a naturally occurring stimulant. It is derived from the Khat plant. The effects and structure of Cathinone are similar to those of ephedrine and amphetamine. Cathinone induces the release of dopamine creating a stimulant effect.

Cathinone is often used as the key ingredient of recreational drug mixes commonly known as ‘bath salts’ in the United States. Its manufacturing, distribution and use is illegal. Cathinone is under the Controlled Substances Act as an Schedule I drug.

Cathinone Uses

Cathinone is often used in the designer drug known as bath salts. It has grown in popularity throughout the United States as a very popular club drug. Cathinone when used in combination with other drugs to create bath salts it creates stimulating effects and hallucinations. Cathinone in bath salts users can snort it, shot it, mix it with food and drink.

 Cathinone Signs and Symptoms

Someone who is high on Cathinone in bath salts will experience agitation, paranoia, hallucinations, chest pain, increased pulse, high blood pressure, and suicidal thinking/behavior. Even after the stimulating effects have worn off the individual may still experience suicidal thinking/behavior. They will seem out of sorts. Many people who have taken high doses of this drug are a danger to themselves as well as others around them.

There is little known about Cathinone addiction. Its use is typically not frequent enough to develop a dependency. However after each use of Cathinone in bath salts the user will require increased doses to acheive the desired effects. Prolonged use could result in withdrawal syndrome when stopping its use abruptly.

Cathinone Addiction Treatment

An individual suffering from a Cathinone abuse problem may require treatment from a rehabilitation center. There they will undergo individualize counseling sessions, behavioral modification therapy, group counseling, detoxifcation and other treatment aspects all tailored to their individual recovery needs.

While the drug is not addictive, the lifestyle can be. This require the individual to recognize the dysfunction in their life and make changes needed to start living a sober lifestyle. Taking party in the club scene that condones Cathinone abuse could potentially lead to larger problems for the individual. It is important to make all of the changes needed to get sober and stay sober.