Bromo Dragonfly Definition

Bromo-Dragonfly is a synthetic psychedelic. It is part of a new class of benzodifurans, related to phenethylamine, but distinct in structure. Bromo-DragonFLY is considered an extremely potent hallucinogen with an extremely long duration of action up to several days. This drug works by affecting serotonin receptors, creating auditory and visual hallucinations.

Bromo Dragonfly Uses

Bromo Dragonfly is used for recreational purposes. When taken at acquitted therapeutic doses it creates similar effects as LSD, however these effects last much longer, from 2 to 3 days. Bromo Dragonfly comes in similar form as LSD. It has been mistakenly taken as LSD on numerous occasions.

When Bromo Dragonfly is taken over the therapeutic doses it can have toxic effects. There are reports of at least five deaths believed to have resulted from Bromo Dragonfly reported in Norway,  Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the United States.

Bromo Dragonfly Effects

Within 20 – 90 minutes of taking Bromo Dragonfly the user will begin to experience a wide array of effects, coming up within 30 – 60 minutes. The desired effects of Bromo Dragonfly include;

  • mood lift
  • visual changes (trails, pattens, etc)
  • increase in energy (stimulation)
  • increased associative thinking
  • ego softening

Within the trip from Bromo Dragonfly will plateau in 6 – 12 hrs. They will experience the coming down for 4 – 12 hrs. In this time they may experience other neutral effects, including;

  • decreased appetite
  • visual distortion

The after effects of Bromo Dragonfly can last 6 – 36 hrs. The following effects can occur any time during or after taking Bromo Dragonfly;

  • short-term memory scramble or loss & confusion
  • muscle tension

Bromo Dragonfly has had no chemical research to determine long term effects.

Bromo Dragonfly Addiction Treatment

Bromo Dragonfly dose not cause a physical addiction. Those taking this drug may become psychologically addicted to its effects. They require Bromo Dragonfly to experience pleasure and take them to an alternative reality. They are hooked to its hallucinogenic effects.

Most treatment programs for Bromo Dragonfly addiction will require the patient to take part in psychotherapy sessions. They will work to get to the root cause of their addiction, uncovering any mental or emotional issues they may have. They will undergo a wide array of treatment aspects tailored to their individual needs. Common Bromo Dragonfly Addiction Treatment aspects include;

  • Detoxification
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Behavioral Modification Therapy
  • Family Counseling
  • Chemical Dependency Education