Willpower Is Not The Only Thing That Will Help You Overcome Addiction

Many of your friends and family just do not under stand addiction, they may say to you “you can quit any time, you just don’t want to.” This is far from the truth, willpower is not the only thing that will help you overcome addiction. Overcoming your addiction means you must overcome the cravings and compulsion to use drugs or alcohol, you know from the past just how hard this can be. Addiction is a complex disease that is fueled by many life factors such as a predisposition, stress, trauma, co-occurring disorders,  and brain function. Most people suffering from addiction require addiction treatment services to work to get to the cause of their addiction, help to develop coping skills to overcome the cravings and compulsion, as well as to learn how to live a healthy life in recovery.

Your Character is Not Defined by Your Addiction

Addiction has caused a drastic change in your personality and behavior, just as it will with anyone suffering from this disease. Your character is not defined by you addiction, as most of these changes are a result of your addiction, not the cause of the problem. With appropriate treatment, your personality and behavior should return to normal as your mind and body heal from the negative effects of addiction.

Treating The Underlying Cause Will Not Cure Your Addiction

Approximately 20% of people suffering from addiction have a co-occurring mental health issue such as depression. In these case the mental health issue began before the addiction, with the individual using drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with the symptoms they are experiencing. However in most cases, addiction leads to mental health issues, with depression symptoms being the most common. Addiction is the primary disease in both factors, requiring a dual-diagnosis treatment program to treat addiction as well as any mental health issues. Treating the underling cause will not sure the addiction, the addiction itself must be treated and maintenance therapies will be required throughout your recovery.

You Can Ask For Help Before You Hit Rock Bottom

Many feel as if an addict needs to hit rock bottom before they truly recognize the problem and ask for help. This is not true in all cases, you can ask for help before you hit rock bottom. It may take an intervention brought on by your friends and family, with them offering you a treatment plan and promising to no longer cover up your messes and pick you up every time you fall. You could recognize your life falling apart around you and want to make a change before things get worse. Each person is different, just as is the time they are ready to get clean and sober.

There Is No Magic Fix For Addiction

As much as you want there to be a magic pill to cure you from addiction, there’s not. Addiction is a complex disease that begins along physical, mental and emotional issues. To successfully recovery, an individualized treatment plan is required to address all of these areas. There are medications that can be taken to ease symptoms of withdrawal, reduce cravings and help to control compulsion, it is given as an aid along side other therapeutic practices.

You Can Recover

There are many people who have been able to quit and stay sober on their own, however most require a treatment program that will address all aspects of their addiction and set you up for success in your recovery. Treatment will help you learn about your addiction, get to the root cause and work through it, as well as develop coping skills that will help you to maintain your sobriety in your day to day life. With commitment to your recovery, the right treatment and a strong support system you can recover from addiction.

You Are Not The Only Addict

There are millions of people throughout the world suffering from drug and alcohol abuse problems. Support groups such as NA and AA are filled with recovering addicts looking to start a new life for themselves in recovery and help others in theirs. You need to remember that you are not the only addict, you must reach out to others for support and take advantage of the resources available to you.