When drinking alcohol you loose all sense of judgement. When sober the thought of driving after a night of drinking is just not something you would do. However when intoxicated you loose sight on what is best and can easily make that foolish choice to drive while intoxicated. Maybe you did it once or twice, making it home unscathed but that could not be the case the next time. You could hurt yourself or another person, even pay the toughest price of your life or taking another persons. You can only hope that you are stopped before it gets to that point…

What is a DWI

DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. In all 50 states there is a law stating that it is illegal to drive above a certain blood alcohol concentration level, in nearly all states have a BAC of .08 or higher. When being accused of an DWI you are in violation with a motor vehicle law and can face a fine and/or time in jail, loose of license, possible probation and restitution fees.

DWI Investigation

During an DWI investigation a law official will pull your vehicle over for suspicious driving, this could be driving to fast or too slow, swerving or erratic driving. The officer will then ask you to exit the car and move to the side of the road where they will issue a field sobriety test that may include a heel-to-toe walk in a straight line, standing on one foot, reciting a portion of the alphabet, and other tasks requiring mental and physical coordination.  If you fail the field sobriety test you may be asked to take a breathalyzer test. If you read a BAC of .08 or higher you will be placed under arrest and charged with a DWI.

Legal Reprocussions

The legal repercussions of a DWI vary person to person and state to state. If convicted of a DWI you may be sentenced to time in jail,  halfway house or a rehabilitation facility for treatment. You will loose your license for a then determined amount of time. You will be expected to pay fines and possible restitution to any damaged property or persons as the result of your actions. Those convicted of DWI at minimum will one plus years of probation.